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Don't let Plumbing Problems Clog Your Summer Plans!

Summer Time is Approaching

Summer time is approaching , and we can all agree to be a busy time for your plumbing.Extra visitors, children home from school and entertaining can create extra use for your plumbing.To prevent problems and help save on your utility bills, Coppertown Plumbing, Inc. offers these suggestions.

Garbage Disposal Problems?

Rule for using a garbage disposal, if it can fit in your hand, throw it in the garbage can!

Disposing Bones and fibrous foods can damage your disposal causing for it to lock or even possibility of needing a replacement

If you are cooking or entertaining during the summer, remember to put kitchen waste in the garbage can or the compost pile and not in your garbage disposal.

Laundry Overload

Does it seem like summer laundry is never ending? Make sure to give yourself and give your washing machine a break and visually inspect the hoses and machine. The lifetime of a rubber washing machine hose should be replaced approximately every 3 years. This will avoid from causing any leakage from your washer machine.

Take it easy on the toilets.

With kids home more often than usual the toilets are being used often during the day. You should teach your kids to use a modest amount of toilet paper when using the restroom to avoid a clog in the toilet(s). Make sure that they know what to not flush down the toilet, including paper towels and feminine hygiene products.

There can be a lot going down your drains in the summer. keep your summer flowing smoothly free of plumbing problems!

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