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The Latest Plumbing Trends for 2019 | What Bathroom & Kitchen styles are In & out |

So if you think you’re not a trend person, trust us when we say, that if you’re getting ready to build a new home or remodel be sure to check out these latest plumbing trends that 2019 has in store for you and it will definitely have you adding them to your list!

Voice Control

Sensate | Kohler


Voice-enabled technology continues to make an impact in the bathroom and kitchen industry, your shower, bathtub, toilet, mirror and faucet can finally all connect - to you and each other. Voice-controlled fixtures and appliances can simplify your life in countless way, from adjusting your shower to your preferred temperature and spray mode, to filling a pot to the desired level while cooking your favorite dish, or even start your oven. By simply saying the words, get ready to transform everyday moments from your usual routine to remarkable. Check out these brands Kohler, Delta, among others for releases of these products.

New Year, New Look, New Finishes

Specialty finishes are gaining momentum. For those customers who are bored of stainless steel and gold. Matte black can add a statement and contrast to your design. It has become a popular finish for hardware and faucets, with numerous brands featuring it in their new series. In terms of finishes, even tho chrome will likely always rein supreme; Specialty finishes are a true competition.

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