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Hurricane Season? How to prepare your plumbing

Hurricane season is simply a part of local life, but it can be stressful and, at times, frightening. Even though Florida its known for its beautiful beaches and the place to be for a great summer vacation. Floridians are bombarded with storms and hurricanes that bring heavy rains and torrential downpours.

What kind of damage can such a storm do to your plumbing system? Below, we’ll discuss what kind of damage a hurricane or storm can inflict on your plumbing, what preventative measures you should take, and what you should do once the storm passes.

What to Do Before the Storm

Some storms come without warning, but others may move slowly enough to allow for preparation. There are some plumbing problems you can’t necessarily prevent, but it’s important to minimize the damages. If a hurricane or storm is on the forecast, take the following steps to protect your home and your family:

  • Shut off the main water valve. If you don’t know where you main water valve is, take the time to locate it as soon as you can. Just before the storm hits, shut off the valve, even if you’re evacuating the area. Doing so can prevent contaminated water from getting into your plumbing system, essentially protecting your family from illness and disease.

  • Check the drains. If you have time before the storm, check the drainage system on your property and the drains along the road. Clear away any debris or other obstructions to ensure the drains can handle the excess of water. Doing so can prevent potential water damage to your foundation or flooding of sewer systems and can keep underground pipes from becoming overwhelmed by compacted dirt or debris.

Taking these steps beforehand can help protect your family and home from potential water issues. If you’re unsure if your drains are completely clear, call a local plumber to take a look and clear out the drainage pipes. He or she can also help you locate the main water valve if necessary.

What to Do During a Storm

If you’re at home during the storm or hurricane, keep the main water valve shut off. Again, you don’t want to invite any contaminated water into your home. However, if you need an extra source of potable water for whatever reason, you can use the water that’s currently stored in your water heater. Just remember to turn off the electricity or gas that fuels the water heater before the storm hits.

What to Do After a Storm

Once the storm has passed, don’t rush to turn on the main water valve. First, check with the local utilities department to verify that the water is safe to use and drink. If everything appears to be fine, go ahead and switch on the main valve.

After you’ve turned on the valve, check all the faucets and toilets. You may also want to take a look outside to determine if your trees and shrubs are still in the same place. Shifted roots can pose a problem for any underground pipes on your property.

Call a Professional

If there are any problems with your plumbing or something just doesn’t seem right, call a professional to take a look. Coppertown Plumbing, Inc. can inspect your plumbing before and after the storm contact us at (305) 680-9950.

Below you will also find the 2017 guide to Hurricane Readiness for Miami Dade.

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